First Company

    We are the first company in the Middle East that offers kits with all the needed tools for Origami & Quilling.



    You can refill your kit with more tools and materials by choosing the Colors, Quantities & Sizes you want.

    Reasonable Prices

    We offer all the materials and tools that needed for paper art “Origami & Quilling” in a reasonable price.



    All our products made and designed in Jordan in a high quality.

    and you can recycle all kits.



    We have Reward yourself map in all our products.

    We are using the gamification for education using paper art.



    We have online course with more than 47 videos and YouTube channel to Inspire you to create a lot of artworks.

  • Common Questions from parents

    Q&A for a better kid's Lifestyle

    How to use WARAGAMI 3D kit ?

    It's easy! in 5 steps you will be able to create the basic building block then you have to unleash your creativity to build different artworks like your favorite superhero, flowers, swans... for online videos click here.

    How can I activate the both side of my kid's brain using WARAGAMI Kits ?

    WARAGAMI it's a nice way to activate the both side of brain, which can enhance the user's creativity, patience, concentration, imagination and motor skills.

    All what you need to do is to get your WARAGAMI kit from here -> it's already contain a guidebook that built on the road-mind map that could help you develop your kid's skills.

  • Contact us

    Please send us your feedback! and your kid's artworks to get featured on our website 😍

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