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6+ Rocking ideas you'll enjoy using Sugared Almonds 🔴🟠🟡🟢

Do you have expired Sugared Almonds or even small stones, instead of throwing them away let's turn them into a wonderful masterpieces 😍😍 and have a wonderful time with the family and friends 🥳

We brought to you +6 amazing ideas No doubt that you'll enjoy.

What You need to create your own projects:

- Expired Sugared Almonds and chocolates or Small stones.
- Colorful Pens.

- Silicon

- Foam boards or Frames.

Here we go 👇👇

1- WARAGAMI Ladybug 🐞

2- WARAGAMI Fruits 🍎🍊🍉🥭🍍

3-WARAGAMI Minions:

4- WARAGAMI Artworks 🤹‍♀️

5- WARAGAMI Emojis 😆😗😍

6- WARAGAMI Character 🦹 🦹‍♀️

soon to be uploaded

7- WARAGAMI House and Flower 🏡🌺

soon to be uploaded

some more artworks and ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel 👇

Share with us your amazing artworks using the hashtag #WaraGamer :)

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