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7 things to love about WARAGAMI

Hello I'm Tia 👋 I want to tell you "7 Things to Love about WARAGAMI"

Mama told me that she always wondering about what kind of toys or gifts shall she buy for kids -like me 😅-!

So I'm going to share with you 7 things to love about WARAGAMI kits for paper art ''Origami & Quilling'', since it's really a nice classy gift that I've tried before 😍

1️⃣ Multi Arts & Cultures inside a kit: WARAGAMI kit includes all the needed tools for paper art ''Origami & Quilling'', Origami which is a Japanese art 🇯🇵 and Quilling is a French 🇫🇷 art. So we can enjoy learning the diversity of cultures.

2️⃣ Easy to use: WARAGAMI kits contain Arabic/English Guidebook that built on the Road-Mind maps method using visuals, so this will make it easier for us to create different shapes and designs. And there is an online training center that contains a lot of tutorials on "How to paper art" 😍

3️⃣ Refill Available: We can refill WARAGAMI kits when we need more tools or papers by ordering a refill package from WARAGAMI's shop, So we don't need to buy another kit from the same theme when we finish our papers or tools ✋ Mama you don't have to pay too much to help me develop my skills 😁

4️⃣ Fun & Learn at the same time: WARAGAMI is an enjoyable activity for us -as kids- and adults -as mama and baba- we can have fun by creating different shapes in paper, coloring, gluing, and sticking and at the same time we can improve our motor skills, creativity, patience, and memorizing too.

5️⃣ Reward Yourself Map: Inside WARAGAMI kits there is a space called ''Reward Yourself'' using Gamification method to enhance our achievements and to celebrate the success of learning new shapes and designs.

WARAGAMI Reward Yourself Map

We will enjoy coloring the Flamingos on the map after finishing each shape and after we finish the whole map we became a WaraGamers so we will be able to join WaraGamer Club to share our amazing shapes 🎉

6️⃣ Smart Design: WARAGAMI kits designed to allow us to enjoy creating our own paper art wherever we are, so we can use the kits' surface as a work-space if we were in a garden, car, plane...

7️⃣ High Quality tools & Materials: WARAGAMI kits made in my hometown Jordan in a high quality tools, materials, and designs. Plus It's a safety educational toy for us.

This is my first WARAGAMI kit 👇

And here, I decorated the Christmas 🎄 Tree with my little brother 👇

Bye bye 👋 LOVE YOU ALL -Tia 💓

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