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9+ creative DIY ideas for Halloween 🎃

Every year on the 10th of October, people around the world celebrate Halloween👻🎃🕸💀

Are you ready to create the most spectacular and terrifying decorations?!

So that, we brought to you more than 10 amaaaazing and simple ideas using paper art that you will undoubtedly enjoy creating them with family and friends. And your guests and neighbors will also like them.. Let's start:

1- WARAGAMI Pumpkin & the Grave 🎃

2- WARAGAMI Skull 💀☠️

3- WARAGAMI Witch 🧙‍♀️🧹💥

4- WARAGAMI Ghost👻👻

5- WARAGAMI Bat 🦇🦇

6- WARAGAMI Spider 🕸🕷

7- WARAGAMI Horror house & the puffy pumpkins 🏠🏘

8- WARAGAMI Tree & the Wooden pumpkin 🌲🌲🎃

9- WARAGAMI Halloween House 🏠


Do you want to know how to create them all, Check out the videos below👇👇


You will find all what you need to create these hilarious ideas in WARAGAMI Halloween kit:

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WARAGAMI Halloween Kit


Share with us your amazing decorations and shapes using the hashtag #WaraGamer :)

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