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The Arabian Or the elegant white antelope, which is one of the national symbols in Jordan, and is considered a type of antelope, belonging to the bovine family, with a distinct hump on its shoulders, long straight horns and a tail that ends with a hair lock.

The Arabian Oryx is the smallest type of Oryx, and it inhabits the deserts and steppes of the Arabian Peninsula, Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Sinai, southern Palestine, eastern Jordan, the Syrian Badia, and most of the Arabian Peninsula.

It is one of the most embodied animals in Arabic poetry, especially the flirtatious of it, for reasons related to its appearance, which many viewed as the embodiment of beauty and purity.

The Arabian Oryx is about a meter high at the shoulder, and it weighs about70 kg. The color of the Arabian Oryx is completely white in most of the body except the lower part and the feet that are brown in color, and it also has black stripes where the head meets the neck and on the forehead and nose.

The Arabian Oryx feeds on bulbs, herbs and leaves of trees, and he spends the rest of the day resting in order to avoid the high temperatures. they can also identify the areas where the rain fell and then move to it, and therefore the range of its wandering is wide.

These animals prefer to inhabit gravel deserts or with harsh sand, where they can They easily escape and escape from most of their predators, predators and hunters.

In Saudi Arabia, where sandy deserts spread, these animals lived in areas with harsh sand, that is, in the flats between the dunes and the hills.
The herds of Arabian Oryx finally disappeared from the wild areas of Jordan in the 1930s due to the increased fishing operations in order to obtain their flesh, fur, horns and natural effects. Efforts to conserve the Arabian Oryx began in Jordan in 1978, with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature releasing 11 heads of the Arabian Oryx in the Shomari Reserve.

In the year 2002 AD, the Arabian Oryx was resettled in the Wadi Rum Nature Reserve in southern Jordan, and they managed to return this great natural heritage to us, and their number has now risen to nearly two hundred! The Oryx process was so successful that Jordan is now supplying Oryx to other countries, which in turn implement resettlement programs.

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