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Art for All project

In a partnership with KAFD

We believe in "Art for All" as a WARAGAMI TEAM. The founders of WARAGAMI they are taking part in leading the SDGs -Sustainable Development Goals- in Jordan within the youth and this helped WARAGAMI to have and develop many social inclusion proejcts one of them "Art for All"

Back to October 2019 we won the King Abdullah II Fund for Development award "Kind Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement" to highlight and launch the "Art for All" project around the kingdom to help the less fortunate people practicing the paper art from our belief in the power of art especially the paper art "Origami and Quilling" and how it could be an effective tool to increase the inner peace, enhance the academic performance, and activating the both side of the brain.

The main goal of the project to have WARAGAMI training workshops all over the Kingdom and creating online videos to have an open source for everyone to share our knowledge and helping people practicing the art we passionate in for free, by offering them the instructions, how to create the needed tools and materials in home, and how to close the gap by giving these sessions for people aged 4 to 80 years old.

We started in Amman, by having a TOT on Paper Art "Origami and Quilling" for 15 participants who have been chosen over 165 applications, the main goal of the TOT is to create a team who able to deliver the following:

  • Training workshops on paper art "Origami and Quilling" in professional way.
  • Able to deal with people with disabilities "children with autism, down syndrome, and different disabilities.." in the workshop space.
  • Able to merge paper art with our daily activities and able to highlight the paper art applications in science, medical field, the space, architecture..

The TOT team were able to make 13 workshops on paper art in the center, North and South of Jordan for more than 196 participants.

Besides that WARAGAMI TEAM where able to delive many workshops as the following timeline:

Workshops and participants upon time

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