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Art For Jordan Quilling Kit

It's the time to move to the next level in the Quilling art 🤩

We are super excited to announce the latest kit from WARAGAMI Art For Jordan where you will be able to create many projects in the Quilling art and live the actual experience about Jordan.

The kit contains 👇

  • 8+ projects.
  • 2000 + strips of Quilling paper.
  • Quilling tool.
  • Safe white glue.
  • Quilling sizer.
  • Interactive QR Codes for blogs.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • 360-degree virtual videos for the historical places.


The idea behind the kit 🤔

Using the kit you will be able to make many different projects related to the culture and historical places in Jordan in the Quilling art. After finishing each project you will be able to scan a QR code to take you to blogs available in different languages, plus the QR codes will take to in a 360-degree virtual tour to the historical places to give you a full experience about the historical places inside the kit 😍

The kit, the tools, and materials all made in high quality to make you a professional WaraGamer and paper artist, how cool to create your own Quilling artworks that represent culture and historical places.

Check out one of the 360-Degree virtual videos for Petra 👇

The projects inside the kits 👇

Roman Theater 👇

For Tutorial video for the Roman Theater, click here.

Coffee Cup 👇

For Tutorial video for the Coffee Cup, click here.

Petra 👇

For Tutorial video for the Petra, click here.

The Traditional Dress of Jordanian Women 👇

For Tutorial video for the Traditional Dress of Jordanian Women, click here.

Popular Costume for Jordanian Men 👇

For Tutorial video for the Traditional Dress of Jordanian Men, click here.

The Arabian Oryx 👇

For Tutorial video for the Arabian Oryx, click here.

Jordan Flag 👇

For Tutorial video for Jordan Flag, click here.

Black Iris 👇

For Tutorial video for the Black Iris, click here.

Amman Citadel 👇

Check out the 360-Degree Virtual Video for Amman Citadel, click here.

Brief about the projects inside the kits 👇

Check out the tutorial videos on how to make the artworks on our YouTube channel, subscribe now 👇

Art for Jordan Kit, in a partnership with:

  • UNDP- Heart of Amman Project
  • Jordan Tourism Board
  • Actual 360 Production
  • KAFD- King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievements
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