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Black Iris- Art For Jordan Kit

The National Flower in Jordan

The Black Iris, is a small plant of the rarest and most beautiful flowers of the earth, distinguished by its black-violet color which it takes at the beginning of its growth, and therefore it is called black iris.


The Black iris is raised from the ground by a beautiful green stem, and its height does not exceed (25) cm.

The National Flower in Jordan, you can find the Black Iris in many locations in Jordan, including Zobia, Ajloun Mountains, in southern Jordan in particular the Al-Sharaa Mountains region - Tafila and Petra Wadi Musa and in the Dana Reserve.

Due to the short seasonal life, this flower is rare. It follows the abundance of rain water, which is itself a little abundant in Jordan. After the winter rainy season in February and March, the wild iris blossoms begin to appear in the spring.

His Majesty King Abdullah II called the black iris the car that was manufactured at the King Abdullah II Center for Design and Development, and this is evidence of his Majesty's interest in this rare beautiful black flower.

Below is the Black Iris created by using Quilling art, share with us your Artwork using the hashtag #WaraGamer :)

Tutorial video on How to make The Black Iris in Quilling art ✋

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