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Our WaraGamer: Daniah Al-Qasim

Dania Issam Al-Qasim, 19 years old, has a great passion for drawing and paper arts, particularly the art of quilling. Quilling is a French art, based on wrapping paper tapes and forming them to make various shapes and designs.

Dania learned the quilling art with Waragami in 2017 within WaraGamers and she found out that it’s a beautiful art and discovered her passion and herself in this art. She started developing her skills by herself and through online learning.

After graduating from high school, she decided to turn her hobby in Quelling to her own business and to display her products through social media and to promote it by participating in exhibitions.

Dania is happy that she is developing her self through the art of Quelling and through performing out of the ordinary in life which taught her that her ambition should never have limits despite all the challenges that she faced such as the amount of time she needed as handcrafts require a large investment in time and efforts. Dania says that this is what makes her work special as she puts so much love and passion into it.

She concludes with and advice to people who wish to practice the art of Quelling to love the things.

The following are some of our friend Dania’s work:

Quilling art- WARAGAMER
Quilling art- WARAGAMER
Quilling art- WARAGAMER
Quilling art- WARAGAMER
Quilling art- WARAGAMER
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