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DIY- Different styles of Sheep

WARAGAMI Sheep's Kit 🐑

By using the kit you will be able to make more than 5 different styles of the Eid's sheep 😍 the kit contains:

  • 50 (14*14 cm) colorful Origami papers.
  • Crystal ball.
  • White safe glue.
  • Glitter.
  • 8 meters of yarn.
  • Big movable eyes.
  • Small movable eyes.
  • White Quilling paper x100 strips.
  • Quilling tool.
  • Black cartoon to make the sheep' head.
  • White A4 paper to make a sheep.
  • Origami fan.
  • Wooden stick.
All tools come in a brown box, with a QR code to give you access to all our social media platforms and YouTube channel.

Do it yourself- watch the videos below to learn how to make sheep in different styles.

Sheep 1 🐑

Sheep 2 🐑

Sheep 3 🐑

Sheep 4 🐑

Sheep 5 🐑

Sheep 6 🐑

Enjoy creating your own farm 😍 and share your artworks with us on all social media channels using #WaraGamer ✋

You can create more animals by folding papers, check out the following blog, 10 animal faces' shapes 👇

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