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Are you a fan of DONUTS 🍩 then you must visit DONUTTERY to grab your best donut in town 😍 they have a lot of original flavors, and since it's our best donut in town we started our collaboration with them under the theme of 👇


Now you can up-cycle your DONUTTERY boxes instead of throwing them with a couple of ideas by WARAGAMI ♻️ till all the ideas will be ready you can start now by using your DONUTTERY box as a holder for your WARAGAMI shapes that you can create using any paper around you, "old notebook, magazines, newspapers, ...".

All what you need is: Cut any paper around you in square shape, preferred size 14x14 cm.

After cutting your papers, you can follow the instructions in the following tutorial videos to create your own awesome WARAGAMI Origami shapes 😍 before make sure the DONUTTERY box is clean to put your shapes in.

✋ WAIT WAIT, with every 5 shapes you share on social media you get 10% off on any WARAGAMI products online and you will get free donuts 🎉 what you need is to share with us a screenshot for your post that contain the 5 shapes.

*Terms and conditions applied

Make sure to use the following hashtag in your social media posts 👇

Be a #WaraGamer- #DONUTTERY

Tutorial Videos 💡

SOON, How to make donuts' shapes in Origami 🍩

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