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Dream Catcher Quilling Kit


Are you looking for a wonderful activity for you and for your children😍

We brought to you WARAGAMI Dream Catcher Quilling kit, it's a great way to create awesome colorful 🌈Dream catchers using Quilling art and enjoy your time🤩

In addition to creating a beautiful decoration for your home or office or even you can give it to people you love as a handmade Quilling gift🥳🎁

Quilling: is the art of rolling strips of paper spirally and shaping them to crate different shapes and designs.

Using this kit you'll be able to 👇👇

  •  Get to know know the basics of Quilling art.
  • Enjoy creating more than 5 Dream Catchers using Quilling art.

The kit contains all the needed tools, material and bilingual instructions you need as the following 👇

  •  2000 colorful strips of Quilling paper🌈
  • Glue
  •  Sizer
  • Quilling tool pen
  • Extra tools like: Yarn, Feather and Beads 🔴🟠
  • Dream Catcher outlined instructions.
  •  Reward Yourself Map to enhance achievements 🏆

Features of WARAGAMI Quilling Dream Catchers kit:

  •  The kit is perfect for children 7+ years old and for adults, so you can enjoy individual and group activities.
  •  Contains outlined instructions for paper art Quilling to enable you create the dream catcher.
  •  Linked with QR code for more instructions and inspirations and Free tutorial videos.
  •  Contains Reward Yourself Gamification Map to enhance the achievement.
  • You can refill the kit with more tools and materials, so you can order them from here.
  • The kit is friendly to the environment since it's 75% less of plastic.

How To Get the Dream Catcher kit?

WARAGAMI Dream Cacher Quilling Kit will be available soon, for pre-orders 👇 / +00962799862551

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