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How to teach art to autistic children

How to teach art to autistic children 🤔

Art can be effective therapeutic training for people with autism. It’s important to make them discover simple art techniques to find out what they actually enjoy. Because children with autism learn in a different manner, it’s important to use a different, totally modified technique to help them learn and to make art fun for them. We need to pay attention to several factors such as:


  • Prepare the right place ✋ (education environment) An autistic child suffers from several problems. Not preparing the right environment can cause more learning difficulties and even provoke aggressive behavior. For example, white light (Florescent) and noises (such as bells) will distract their attention so we should keep them clear of such distractions. 
  • Consider the sense of touch An autistic child is sensitive to the textures of some art tools ✋ The child may not want to touch glue or paint with his fingers. Offering a brush or any other tool that can be used without having to touch the material directly is advised. 
  • Be Patient ✋ An autistic child needs more time to learn a skill needed to perform paper art and art in general.

  • Display the idea clearly to the child ✋ Autistic children are visual learners. Speech delays in autistic children usually affect their understanding of verbal instructions and hinder them from completing their tasks. Therefore, displays and images are a much better method to use. 
  • Quick Manual Help ✋ gently lending a helping hand to an autistic child while teaching them art to help them finish a task, taking into consideration that they get bored easily.

  • Checking for delays in fine motor skills development ✋ Autistic children usually face challenges with fine motor skills such as gripping small items, a pencil, or tools that are thin. Choosing thick tools and pens helps them overcome this problem.

  • Autistic children may focus on some items they refuse to give up ✋ such as a toy train or maps. The best way to deal with that is to utilize that item in the art process. Mental maps and road maps can be used to help them make paper forms and help them remember the steps in a fun way.
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