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Men's traditional Jordanian costume

💡 Popular costume for Jordanian men:

The clothing of men in the Levant region is similar in form and simplicity, with its difference in terms of the nature of village, Bedouin or civil life. Because the Bedouins are originally Bedouin, the traditional dress for them is Bedouin.

💡 A man's dress is divided into the following main sections:

Keper, Gombaz or Dishdash: Sewed from white rose cloth and installed on the outskirts of the white guilt and called the Chinese dome and decorated with cottons and closed on the neck size.

✨ Damer: It is a coat that reaches below the waist and is worn in the summer with the head dress (Judge) made of soft fringed georgette on the edges and (headband) made from goat hair called (Almrz), but in winter Phelps (Keper) made with (Damer) made from Bright color broadcloth.

✨ Al-Abaya: A loose robe of light colors, light in summer and dark in winter, made of animal hair, light and loose, with wide sleeves and sometimes the man wears it on the shoulders.

✨ "Al- Serwal" or Trousers: It is a wide, loose, white trousers made of linen, which is tied with a tie on the bottom of the leg, and a wide shape is needed from the top on the waist.

✨ Head wear (shemagh): red and white, which is fringed with white cotton thread, and wears a veil, or from one side of it, it comes back to the head and leaves the other on the shoulder.

✨ Al-Iqal: It is twisted from the hair of the black goat called (Al-Marazal), which is worn over the (Shemagh) and the Jordanian men boast about it.

✨ Al-Janad: It is a belt that is attached to the chest in a cross or stiff shape. It is made of black leather and has pockets in which the bullets are placed, and the pistol monogram in addition to a wallet that is attached to the side of the waist. It is also used for self-defense, for hunting in the desert, for grazing, or for guarding

Check out the video below on How to make The Popular costume for Jordanian men in Quilling art ✋

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