Have you ever thought how can Origami help fight poverty?

To this day, poverty is an epidemic that affects the lives of millions around the world. Countries hit hardest by poverty are often countries that are also caught in other crises, including conflict, hunger, and lack of essential materials that could play a huge role in protecting our lives and keeping our health.

One solution contributing to solving one of these problems is an origami-inspired range of children’s clothing made from a durable pleated fabric that expands to fit growing babies and toddlers that were made by a 24-year-old designer who won the prestigious James Dyson award.

And after Ryan Yasin came to use it after noticing how quickly his baby niece and nephew growing up, he created it by using scientific principles as he was studying it for his aeronautical engineering degree.

From here the idea was born, Petit Pli "The most advanced kids' clothing in the world", made from distinctive pleated lightweight fabric, it's waterproof, machine washable and recyclable.

The most important characteristic of it is that it is garments fitting the three months to three-year age. Kids grow up quickly, they grow almost by seven sizes in their first 24 months.

Parents spend almost 2,300$ on clothing before their child even reaches the age of three, it is a very high cost and a limited lifespan, not all people can afford this budget and environmentally, it causes a huge waste of resources, water consumption and carbon emissions on our beautiful earth.

Source: https://vimeo.com/226238453

Yasin was able to combine technology with textiles to serve fashion by making durable and practical garments for young children in order to make their outfits usable for the maximum period of time.

All of that was possible because Yasin has been inspired by Origami techniques, he used the folding and unfolding, pleats moving in both directions to help to expand and allow it to move with the child.

Those were designed to be long-lasting even through the wash cycles.

Credit: www.medium.com (2)

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Besides this great solution, Origami has been a source of inspiration for designers to create unique original and intricately useful solutions.

We're going to share with you stylish pieces of clothing and accessories 👇

  • As we see here this beautiful dress inspired by origami, the neckline, and the special folded skirt made this dress a piece of art.
Nintai designed by Lucia Benitez. Photography by Santiago Epstein – DOMINO.
  • Here is one of the most popular pieces of accessories: the intellectual cap, it is inspired by origami and it gives you the feeling of learning.

Source: http://www.di-conexiones.com/fondinjat-experimento-con-sombreros-del-disenador-venezolano-lock-man-yee/
Source: http://www.di-conexiones.com/fondinjat-experimento-con-sombreros-del-disenador-venezolano-lock-man-yee/
  • Here is the most creative bow tie. It is inspired by origami made with love and artfully folded paper.
Source: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-0ErDRtm-KrI/UpNq1Eomd8I/AAAAAAAAELA/4Cbh-pRaV8Y/s1600/bowtie+kirigami.jpg and Origami Bow Tie from FiberStore.

Besides the Origami accessories, there is the Quilling accessories that based on rolling strips of paper, glue it, shaping it to create different shapes and designs. The following earrings made by Paper Artist Faisal Isleem.

By Faisal Isleem, Model: Tia Alshaeer

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