Shuriken (手裏 剣) means the hidden weapon in hand, a traditional Japanese weapon on the flat shape of a star, was used by Ninja Heroes in the stories and movies to throw in the short term in order to distract the opponent.


It's one of the most popular Origami stars shapes, it was used by samurai warriors and they play a pivotal role in the tactical battles and taught small of the curriculum martial arts part in many famous schools.


Shuriken was known in the west as "Ejected Stars" or "Ninja stars", There are different shapes and designs of Shuriken like the triple, quadruple, hexagons and the most popular types of Shuriken is (Bo Shuriken) which means Bacillus and (Hera Shuriken) means Flat Shuriken.


In this video you'll learn how to create the Origami Shuriken step-by-step:

Hope you enjoyed the Shuriken, Share with us your amazing shapes using the hashtag #WaraGamer

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