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Pictures for Art for Jordan Kit 😍

The Design 👇

We've designed the kit in a way to use a workspace to create your own artworks in a fun way 😍 the colors of the kit reflect the adventure and the experience you will live while doing your artworks. From the outside surface of the package you will be able to get the following information:

  • The shapes you will make.
  • Interactive QR code for the general blog to give all the needed information on how to use it.
  • What it contains, the tools and materials.
  • How to make the basic Quilling shapes.
The size of the kit = 22 * 31 * 6 cm and made in a high quality to make sure all the tools inside are safe ✋

The Projects 👇

By using the kit you will be able yo make 8+ different projects for the historical places and culture in Jordan, and after finishing each artwork, you will be able to scan the QR codes using your mobile, tablet, or any smart device you have to take you to interactive blogs that contains the following:

  • General blog about the shape in both languages Arabic and English to have all the information about the historical places and culture.
  • Tutorial videos on how to make the shape to make it easy for you.
  • 360-degree videos to take you to the historical place, how cool to visit Petra, Roman Theater, and Amman Citadel from your smart device to learn more about these places.
  • Pictures for the final artworks to get inspiration using the colors and tools inside the kit.

The Tools Inside 👇

The kit contains 6+ tools all made in a high quality to give you the full experience and to help creating professional artworks and designs.

Reward Yourself Map 🏆

We developed WARAGAMI Reward Yourself Map to enhance the user's achievements and creativity, to learn more about the map click the button below 👇

Visit the Petra in 360-Degree Video 😍

For more information and pre-orders please don't hesitate to contact us: / or by calling: +962 799862551.

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