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Skyline Sushi fill of Origami Crane

Fold a crane and make a dream come true

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Origami, originally a Japanese art, is the art of paper folding and Sushi is famous food considered a specialty of Japanese cuisine.

In cooperation between WARAGAMI and the Landmark hotel- Skyline Sushi, we combined origami with sushi in the Sky Line sushi restaurant. The idea came to life where the Japanese culture and cuisine were merged by having the guests invest their time in folding origami cranes while waiting for the food. By that they will be contributing to fulfilling wishes as according to a Japanese legend “whenever 1000 origami cranes are folded, a wish will come true”. We followed this legend by getting the restaurant visitors to contribute in making wishes come true so whenever 100 origami cranes are folded in Sky Line Sushi, a wish will come true.

The restaurant’s vision of improving its visitors’ different skills was achieved. Instead of spending the waiting time online, it was replaced by an activity that will enhance brain activity by practicing the art of origami.

Origami is a Japanese art that consists of folding a flat paper to make different shapes and models through following special instructions. Such instructions, showing how to make a crane, were printed on the restaurant’s wall and an instructional video is displayed. The entire restaurant is decorated with origami cranes and tree branches were also recycled by using it as artwork to decorate the place after it was fitted with origami cranes.

What makes the restaurant special is that for every 100 cranes the visitors make, a wish will be be made true. Several wishes were already granted including:

1st wish: granted to a girl from Gaza where she was granted a college scholarship.

2nd wish: granted to Waragami’s special ambassador for special needs Abdo Nasif, as his dream of holding his own art exhibition came true and it had 21 paintings that had different themes like love, passion, peace, and others. The exhibition was opened under the partnership of HE Princess Alia

3rd wish: granted to over 90 ladies from different regions who organized their own exhibition on Mothers’ day to promote their work and products to help increase their income. The exhibition was held at the Landmark Hotel.

4th wish: granted to Faisal Eslem , Waragami’s ambassador for special needs as his dream of holding his own art exhibition came true and it was held under the title” Paper Makes Magic” where a collection of his work using origami and quelling was displayed with participation from a group of local artists such as Mustafa Helwa, Farah Shami, and Alia Al Shouli.

🎉 Inside the resturant you can find WARAGAMI kits that's available in different themes and levels.

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