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WARAGAMI Animal Faces Theme

WARAGAMI Animal Faces Theme 🐰🐶🐱🦊🐼🐭

In this theme you will be able to make 10 easy Origami Animal Faces shapes, to spend quality time enhancing your creativity, imagination, concentration, and motor skills 🤩✋

This theme is suitable for kids aged 4+ years old under supervision of their parents, and easy to make in home, by having any square paper from old books, notebooks, magazines and newspapers.

*You will need extra tools to make professional shapes: (Coloring pens, white glue, movable eyes, glitter)

Before you start, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Videos and tips on How to Paper Art "Origami and Quilling" 👇👇

WARAGAMI Origami Dog Face 🐶

WARAGAMI Origami Mouse Face 🐭

WARAGAMI Origami Fox Face 🦊

WARAGAMI Origami Cat Face 🐱

WARAGAMI Origami Panda Face 🐼

WARAGAMI Origami Rabbit Face 🐰

WARAGAMI Origami Sheep Face 🐑

WARAGAMI Origami Monkey Face 🐵

WARAGAMI Origami Baby Chick Face 🐤

WARAGAMI Origami Elephant Face 🐘

Get your WARAGAMI Animal Faces Themed Kit now, it includes 👇

  • 17+ tools: (Quilling tool pen, Sizer, Glue, Glitter pen, Pen, Wooden sticks, Scissor, Plastic eyes, Yarn, Clips, Foam Board, Stickers, ).
  • 50 Colorful Origami paper 9*9 Cm.
  • 50 Colorful Origami paper 14*14 Cm.
  • 25 Colorful pattern Origami paper 12*12 Cm. -200 Colorful Quilling paper .5*29.7 Cm.
  • Contains Step-by-step Arabic/English Guidebook. -Children from 4+ ages and adults can easily enjoy creating different shapes.
  • You can refill your kit with tools & materials.
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