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“WARAGAMI Corner” Initiative


In our daily life we use a lot of papers from the newspaper, wrapping paper, books, notebooks, and the exams papers, this will cause a lot of paper waste especially inside schools, universities, and organizations so we have to face the fact about how to get rid of these papers without feeling guilty about the environment 🌎 🍃

At WARAGAMI because we care about the environment and we are following the Sustainable Development Goals "SDGs", we found the solution by launching an initiative called "WARAGAMI Up-cycling Corner", which is a corner contains step-by-step printed instructions for -How to paper art "Origami"- , this corner can be inside schools, universities, and institutions that use papers a lot!

Since we hold the message of making Art For All, we’ve started with the public schools outside Amman to activate the art classes there and to give them the opportunity to learn more about paper art to improve the quality of education and at the same time to contribute to the environment.

We held a ToT on paper art for the teachers in a collaboration with Mercy Corps and UNICEF, to enable the teachers to learn the basics of paper art “Origami & Quilling” and also to get the knowledge on how to use paper art as an effective educational tool to have more interactive classes and integration the paper art with the educational system in the math, biology, physics... subjects. Thereafter we gave the students sessions on paper art to unleash their skills like creativity, motor skills and patience.

What we do inside the schools are the following:

  • We collect all the old books, notebooks, and exams papers.
  • We sort the papers to start the cutting phase to make Origami up-cycled papers in different sizes following WARAGAMI's standards.
  • Sometimes we color the papers to make a variety of the papers' colors for more creativity.
  • We package the papers to make the up-cycled version of the WARAGAMI Polular Classic Kit.
  • We fill the WARAGAMI Corner with the Origami packages to be ready for use 🎉

Through WARAGAMI Corner Initiative we found out each used book can provide us with more than 300 Origami papers, which is an average of 60,000 Origami papers from each class, a total of 1,000,000 Origami paper from each school. This is the strategy we followed to ensure the activation of the art classes inside the schools, by offering all the needed tools for free for the schools by up-cycling the old books and papers they give to us.

In this way we will be able to transform the paper waste into beautiful art works, and educational methods that help teachers at classes and enable students for a better understanding and increase their academic performance.

Besides that, to make it more fun, we painted WARAGAMI Origami Instructions in the walls inside the schools, to give the opportunity for all students to see the instructions and be able to make beautiful paper art shapes in all times especially during the break time.

The corner (Origami papers and instructions) available for all students for free and during the school time, any student can go at anytime and take the needed materials and start the journey to become a WaraGamer, besides that we offered basic tools for the schools to make them as partners with us in the up-cycling journey, so by using these tools they will be able to cut the paper to create Origami and Quilling paper.

Plus, we developed an evaluation form to help the teachers -our trainers- inside the schools to measure the students' performance by measuring the achievements and the levels the students reach! This will help us to see the impact of the corner and help the school to develop more programs they can use for the fun learning. Imagine using the paper art in the geometry classes! how fun it will be, ex. each Origami paper "square shape" can give us 2 or 4 triangles and each triangle has these properties (isosceles, equilateral..) and at the end they will be able to make and Origami shape, rabbit or butterfly... more than 100 shapes. This will help the students to understand how geometry works and enhance their creativity through the imagination of how a flat sheet of paper could be transfered into beautiful 2D and 3D shapes.

The whole program is friendly for the people with disabilities, and it could be used as a way for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the educational system and reduce the inequities.

Now, we created more than 50 online videos on "How to Paper Art: Origami & Quilling" for free to help the students and the teachers to improve their skills in the paper art field, this online training center available for everyone, so feel free to join 👇

So far, WARAGAMI Up-cycling Corner is available in the following places: Mercy Corp’s schools in Marka and Al-Hashimi, Al-Quds College, and WARAGAMI Space.

The cost of the corner covered by Mercy Corps and UNICEF, and the up-cyclying of the papers and the instructions by WARAGAMI.

If you would like to have WARAGAMI Corner all what you have to do is the following:

  • Email us: or call us: +962 799862551 / +962 785384512 and our team will contact you shortly.
  • For better communication we prefere to fill the following form, so our team will get back to you with all information 👇

Learn more about the project from Aisha Salman, the SDGs Leader Advocates with the United Nations in Jordan 👇

Learn more about the project from "Em Ommar" School 👇

WARAGAMI is specialized in paper art “Origami & Quilling” by offering all the needed tools, materials and bilingual guidebook to enhance creativity, patience and motor skills through creating different shapes and designs using paperr art.

We believe in "leaving no one behind" so we are implementing this initiative inside the schools to give a had to reach the 2030 SDGs agenda especially the following goals, (Quality Education, Gender Eqaulaity, Reduce Inequalities, and Climate Action).

Learn more about WARAGAMI Social Impact 👇

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