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WARAGAMI Lighting Kit Ramadan 🌙

Are you looking for ideas for Ramadan's decoration 🤔

It's the time where we all gather together to enjoy the time, meeting family, enjoying the days off, especially our kids don't have school.

From here, we brought to you these amazing simple ideas to decorate your home for Ramadan, also to engage your family with this activity 😍 let the whole family enjoy the spirit of Ramadan and having a quality time together.

All what you need is a colorful Origami paper and lighting chain. We make it easy for you! Get your WARAGAMI Lighting kit that contains all the needed tools for such activities and enjoy 15% off by using " Ramadan15 " code on our shop 🛒

WARAGAMI Lighting Kit

Ideas for Ramadan's decoration ⭐️

You can use different shapes with the lighting chain! for example you can use Origami Puffy Cubes👇

Share your designs with us using this hashtag 👉 #WaraGamer

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