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WARAGAMI Reward Yourself Map

Be a #WaraGamer

Have you ever heard about the gamification!

At WARAGAMI we aim to enhance the users' achievements, self-esteem, and the feeling of challenge.. so we developed "WARAGAMI Reward Yourself Map" to help the user measuring the achievements in a fun way to be able to move from a level to another 🏆

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and experience design to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.

  • Game mechanics describes the use of elements such as points, badges and leaderboards that you can find inside all WARAGAMI products digital and analog.
  • Experience design describes the journey WaraGamers take with elements such as folding Origami shapes, rolling strips of Quilling paper, finishing each shape and artwork inside the kit to color the Flamingo on the map...
  • WARAGAMI define Gamification as a method to digitally and personally engage, meaning that WaraGamers interact with computers, smartphones, virtual reality glasses or other digital devices while engaging with other people, using the motor skills, activating both sides of the brain.. since WARAGAMI it's an effective tool for a family, group, friends' activities.
  • The goal of gamification is to motivate people to change behaviors or develop skills, or to drive innovation and to enhance the feeling of achievements.

At WARAGAMI we focus on enabling the WaraGamers to achieve their goals in becoming a profissional paper art artists through folding and rolling the papers to create different shapes and designs, then to start using the ​Reward Yourself Map.

How to use the map 🤔

After finishing each shape inside the kit using WARAGAMI guidebooks and the tutorial videos we have you can color, or putting a Quilling or Origami shape on the Flamingo you can see on the map, once you finish the map you become a WaraGamer.

  • The map contains 13 Flamingos, you can move from a Flamingo to another after finishing each shape.
  • To finish a shape you need to fold or quill a paper (3-4 steps) at least to make the final shape, so by finishing the map that means you have used your motor skills to fold and quill more than 60 times to make different shapes and designs.
  • After finishing the map you become a beginner WaraGamer, and able to move to the next level.
  • While using the map you can share all your shapes, designs, and artworks on social media using the following statement and hashtag 👇
Be a #WaraGamer- #WARAGAMI

While using the Reward Yourself Map you can join our community on Facebook and Instagram to share your finished work with to get feedback about, and you can get inspired by seeing the others' artworks and designs, also we usually share competitions, prizes, questions, games, ... with our community to have a good quality and interactive time.

Plus you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as 💡 WARAGAMIworld


Gartner Redefines Gamification by Brian Burke

- Masters' degree study about the startups ecosystems in Jordan "WARAGAMI as a case study" by Laith Abu-Taleb

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