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Where you can Fold . Quill . Be a #WaraGamer


Is the first space in the Middle East that is specialized it paper art ''Origami & Quilling'', work and study space and also for hosting different courses, events and art galleries.


Our Story:

We have established WARAGAMI space to be an artistic and a casual space, where people can come together and enjoy learning.

Also to help supporting the Jordanian local artistic and edutainment products.

So you don't have to spend so much time looking for a gift, you can find a variety of a high quality artistic and edutainment products like WARAGAMI Kits.


Our Venues:


You can find all the needed tools and materials for paper art ''Origami & Quilling'', like WARAGAMI kits, WARAGAMI refill packages, Origami and Quilling paper in different sizes and colors.

All the WARAGAMI products are made and designed originally in a high quality in Jordan by WARAGAMI, and available in an affordable price.

So, if you need something to improve your kid's skills like creativity, patience and motor skills, we recommend you to pass by to our store and get your amazing kit.


WARAGAMI Showroom:

It's a space where we make Origami & Quilling art exhibitions and also we host events and art galleries to help spread the culture of arts and crafts and also to support the local Jordanian artists.

The capacity for this venue is more than 40 people.


Also, this space contains a studio with all the needed tools, so you can book it for photo shooting your Artworks, products, furnitures and photo sessions.


WARAGAMI Concept Store:

We offer in the concept store a variety of an artistic and edutainment Jordanian products, so you don't have to spend so much time looking for a gift, while you can find all what you need in a one space.

At the same time, you can help supporting the local Jordanian startups and brands to grow more and sustain.

The capacity of this venue for hosting events is 15 people.


WaraGamers Space:

This space contains all what you need to host art sessions and workshops.

Also, it’s safe for kids and adults to come to unleash their creativity by enjoy learning paper art, since we host different workshops and activities for different age groups and levels, focusing on paper art ''Origami & Quilling'' and doing different art, crafts and DIY workshops.

The capacity of this space is 20 people and it’s provided with the tables, chairs, WiFi, TV screen, Speakers, white boards and art materials.

WaraGamers Space
WaraGamers Space

We are located at Amman, Jordan, Al Swaifyeh- Paris Street.

✋ To book venues at WARAGAMI space, email us: 

✋ For more information: 

More things you can DO/FIND in the space 👇

  • Try before you buy 🎉 you can try WARAGAMI different products before you buy it for FREE.
  • Wrapping your gifts 🎉 we believe in the first impression and when you want to give a gift to some you love you have to wrap it in a beautiful way, so rape it in WARAGAMI space using Origami and Quilling decorations.
  • Free photo session for our WaraGamers when they have workshops 🎉
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