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For paper art "Origami & Quilling"

WARAGAMI Themed kits 👇

Contains all the needed tools for paper art "Origami & Quilling" with a bilingual guidebook that built on the road-mind maps to help you activiate both side of brain 🧠

WARAGAMI Themed Kits

WARAGAMI kits made and designed in Jordan with love and passion in a high quality, WARAGAMI Themed Kits made with a hard cover to protect all the tools inside, and availbe in 5 different themes:

  • Animal Facec- beginners level- age 4+ 🐭🐱🐶🦊
  • Flowers- beginners level- age 4+ 🌸🌺🌹🌻
  • Zoo I- beginners level- age 4+ 🐇🐫🐄🐑
  • Clothes- Intermediate level- age 6+ 👚👖👗🧥
  • Stars- Advanced level- age 8+ 💫⭐️⚡️✨
WARAGAMI Themed Kits

The kits includes 17+ tools: (Quilling tool pen, Sizer, Glue, Glitter pen*2, Pen, Scissor, Yarn, Clips, Foam Board, Wooden Sticks..).
-50 Colorful Origami paper 9*9 Cm.
-50 Colorful Origami paper 14*14 Cm.
-25 Colorful pattern Origami paper 12*12 Cm.
-50 Colorful Origami lucky star paper 1.5*29.7 Cm.
-200 Colorful Quilling paper .5*29.7 Cm.
-Step-by-step Arabic/English road-mind map Guidebook
-You can refill your kit with tools & materials.


WARAGAMI reward yourself map aims to highlight the users' achievements, you can color the flamingo after finishing each shape inside the kit, once you finish the map you became a #WaraGamer, so you can move to the next level 🥇 🏆

WARAGAMI reward yourself map

👩‍🎨 WARAGAMI Coloring Board 👨‍🎨

Because we love our awesome WaraGamers we've added a new feature to our Themed Kits, "WARAGAMI Coloring Board", by using the coloring pens inside the kit, you can color this board to create beautiful artworks 🖼


Meet LOLO and learn more about WARAGAMI Themed Kits 😍🎁

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